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hey everyone been awhile lol

hmm the topic of today….I guess maybe the sucky part that I have decided to give up on love….I have searched for it and had never once got requited to me. I don’t mean family love, I mean love from another person that you want to have a relationship with and spend time with that would understand you for who you are. So far its usually been from interested into friendship or I jus need you for your skills/abilities/brain/connections. Other times its been: “Oh I am not interested in finding a boyfriend”…(a few days later oh this is my boyfriend). Occasionally oh you are nice guy but i am not interested because you dan’t have money etc. Or sorry your jus not my type. Or oh you drove for 2 hours to meet me but thats ok I don’t really like you even though I said I really like you. Now before you say I am very picky…Not really. IT’s just hard to find a nice girl that is single because usually they are taken. And i am sick of being played around with and being too overly nice that it just to help reach their needs and set me aside so now….I just don’t really care anymore so if love ever does come back to my doorsteps I will definitely welcome it with open arms till then, I am sticking with my car because it hasn’t let me down yet and it definitely wont abuse me for no reason just because I am willing to offer everything in exchange for just to be loved.

May 12, 2012 From the Bored Drift Kid

Hi everybody today was bit of a let down. I was cleaning the house finally…lol and was having a decent day playing music and Forza 3. Then i decided to go out today to pick up some fans for my computer and some thermal grease. Then here it comes when i come home… My neighbor has a party at her house which i don’t mind at all and her family parks in front of my house not only taking my dad’s parking spot but also blocking the driveway for my car to get out. So here’s what happened.

My dad parked across the street and we walked over to the neighbor’s house to tell her that one of her family member’s cars is blocking the driveway.

She then replies:”Its public property you can’t tell me to tell my family to move their cars.”

My answer was as follows:” I didnt say for them to move all their cars away i am just telling you to move the particular car blocking the driveway.”

Her reply:”It’s public property they can park where they want.”

My reply:”I laugh and said i am not talking about parking in front of my house i am talking about the driveway ur family’s truck is blocking.”

Her reply:”Your lying and this is public property so stop complaining before i call the cops.”

After 30 minutes of arguing and almost daring her to call the cop she finally decides to take a look and i love this part. “Oh i didnt know my brother’s truck was blocking your driveway.” No shit i have been saying that for the last 30 minutes if you had listened to me in the first place. The next reply was so priceless i almost wanted to gag. “Oh i didn’t know you always parked there in front of your house.” I have lived here next to you for 5-6 years and how did you not notice that all the cars park in the same place every damn day? So go ahead call the cops your the one whos gonna have to deal with them and oh yeah that car will be towed and impounded because its illegal to park there. On that note she didnt even apologize for calling me a liar as if this was all my misunderstanding…it whats yours damn it! You gotta love neighbors that always think they are right all the time. But whatever all i know is despite how much i like the streets here all i can say is all my other neighbors had respect and understanding that my dad’s car always parks there but when they take it they let me know which i dont mind if they do or dont as long as either 1) they dont block the driveway or 2) they leave space for my dad to park. But no this particular neighbor thought it was ok to call me liar, threaten me with the cops and thought i was the one who was wrong the whole time

sorry if this annoys or offends anyone but this was jus a huge extreme mood kill for me since i was having an ok day and i am very hard to get annoyed, pissed off or mad but congratulations i finally met one person able to do all 3 in one day thank you.

From the Bored Drift Kid extremely annoyed and pissed might as well go out for the drive i have been seeking for awhile now. 

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